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Foxtales EP

Despite its modest three-track runtime, Manchester's Foxtales' self-titled debut EP is a record steeped in subtle nuance and backboned by a moody undercurrent that runs through the heart of the EP like lifeblood. A five-piece that bridge the gap between folk-rock and psychedelia, Foxtales manage to feel both timeless and timely.

Opening track 'Bad Luck Women' throbs with a tribal-like menace, a brooding bass providing the ominous backline that carries the track towards its conclusion. It's not without melody. A trio of vocals offset the darkness in what's something of a Foxtales trope.

With not one but two mandolins at their disposal, the band change the mood of the EP effortlessly and on a whim. Closing track 'Spider' is a far cry from the opener. Understated and semi-acoustic, it’s at the opposite end of the Foxtales spectrum. Layered with melody, it’s arguably the strongest track on offer here.

Having already earned favour with journalists and music fans alike, it's obvious that Foxtales have the potential to go far, and though there are occasions where the EP feels a little loose, such potential outweighs any fleeting moments of scrappiness. Foxtales are a band to keep an eye out for.