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From Under This Wing

Abe are twin brothers Oliver and Tom Rogers and lead singer Matthew Clubbs Coldron. The band cite Talk Talk as an influence, and it's not a subtle one. Body joints fan Guy Garvey would probably love this record. If you also love Talk Talk or darker 80s alternative pop then you will too.

The album is swamped with 80s production nostalgia, its multi-layered musical landscapes of unusual, sinister synth lovelies and chains bouncing off concrete sound effects. The production is fab, all the more impressive for being done entirely by themselves in their home studio in Sheffield.

Abe describe the album as being based around the idea of a fictitious island and there is a depth here that rewards careful explorers. The songs don't fit a linear verse-chorus-verse boredom structure, instead leading you on a more enjoyable sonic safari, where you are treated to an array of refreshing and unusual sounds.

The vocals may grate to some. He sounds like an ex-chorister who stares for long periods into mirrors looking for answers to deep questions when he'd probably be better off watching an average episode of Hollyoaks. The lyrics are so inaudible he might as well be singing in Sanskrit.

But when the voice is taken down a few octaves, it complements the music well and with repeat listens there are some fine tracks on From Under This Wing which build up into solid dance gems, flickered with a confident sense of their own vision and musical ideas.

Did I mention they like Talk Talk?