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George Bloomfield Why Didn’t You?

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter George Bloomfield uses just his talent and a minimal amount of equipment to create a memorable and uplifting release.

Released: 7 May 2021
Why Didn’t You?

Any release that can take listeners from whatever space they’re in and envelop them in the soothingly positive atmosphere occupied by its creator is deserving of praise. Why Didn’t You?, in no cliched use of the term, is wholly natural. George Bloomfield oozes music in a manner that feels as if the producer has used nothing but the sensations of the present moment to inform his output.

The EP catches you off-guard with how warming it is. There’s no dip or moment of inconsistency — for there to be would be against the entire nature of the project — and the opening track sets the tone so well that there’s instantly no question that every second of the following twenty minutes will be as satisfying as the first.

Bloomfield’s EP has all of the qualities needed for it to be looked back on as the best reflection of the kindest qualities of his character, and it’s hard to imagine that the producer will ever find himself in a space to create something so wonderfully human again. As well as this, and unlike many attempts at creating perfect capsules of expression — in music and beyond — the results do not feel as if they were borne of taxing and exhaustive self-extraction.

It feels without struggle, and bears an impressive endnote that adds to a memorable, musical experience caught during a time of creativity without restriction.