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GracieSouz Better in Space

Industrial synthesisers, haunting soundscapes, and soaring vocals are balanced in GracieSouz’s spooky debut EP to create a record that is in equal amounts emotionally ambitious and hypnotic.

Released: 16 April 2021
Better in Space

Better in Space is the eagerly anticipated EP from Sheffield electro-pop artist GracieSouz. Best known for lead vocals in alt-pop band KIN, she has transformed what began as a lockdown bedroom experiment into a fully-fledged solo project. Simmering with a haunting and ethereal quality, the EP explores themes of memory and transient moments in a sonic world.

Released as a single back in March, ‘Before, An Apparition’ fuses dark electro-pop with elements of DIY to create a spooky and captivating grandeur. The stirring vocals paired with pulsating beats build towards an industrial and glitchy energy; a slice of electro drives alt-pop that lets us know GracieSouz is one to watch.

‘Bound’, the first track on the EP, builds with huge washes of sound that drift across the sonic landscape. Melancholic vocals, accompanied by punching drums and slightly off-kilter keyboard runs, build from a subtle touch to an explosion of electro-dance. The track is so compelling and multi-layered you can’t help but be pulled in deeper.

The clever combination of conventional pop, DIY, and avant-garde is what sets GracieSouz apart from the crowd. She epitomises qualities of a boundary-pushing underground scene, combining these with an otherworldly feel.

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