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halçyon days Palisades

A trip down memory lane to rediscover nineties shoegaze is the order of the day with halçyon days’ second EP, Palisades.

Released: 17 November 2020

Combining influences spanning from eighties indie to sixties acid rock, the EP has a familiar feel after just a couple of listens. Consisting of Brady, Luke, Archer and Baz, the Sheffield-born lads have released an empathically gripping record.

The first whinnies of the title track ‘Palisades’ sound beautifully hazy with punchy undertones. This serves as a dynamic opener, full of tantalising shimmers. The final two minutes of ‘Palisades’ is nothing short of blissful excellence, featuring soothingly whirly hooks. The instrumental ‘Cymbeline’ is full of nostalgic distorted guitars, which certainly wouldn’t sound out of place on a Stone Roses album. The Oasis influence is strong during ’Subversion’, which showcases a relentless beat with punishing drumming.

Recorded and mixed by James Atkinson at The Stationhouse Studio and mastered by Mark Gardener of Ride, the EP comes with experience and pedigree in abundance. Having gained plays across the pond on New York radio stations, as well as spins on the German airwaves, this is only the beginning for the Sheffield four-piece. The band is making a name for itself across Sheffield and beyond. With a third EP planned for release later in the year, you get the feeling that we’ll be hearing a lot more of this neo-psychedelic group in the months to come.

by Daniel Atherton (he/him)
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