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Harri Larkin Beach City

Harri Larkin's record Beach City combines tranquillity, vibrancy and intimacy in an all-round wonderful debut.

Released: 28 November 2021
Beach City

Originally from Cornwall, Harri Larkin are a female-fronted indie trio now based in Sheffield, where lead vocalist Harri Tape is joined by Sheffield boys Danton Laromani on drums and Oscar South on bass. Their debut album Beach City is bubbly, beautiful and often surprising – a band who’s influences stem from No Doubt to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers is always going to provide variety on an energising record.

‘Saving Aimee’ is poignant with a sense of hope, focusing on the importance of looking out for your friends as they’re going through hard times. ‘Spell It Out’ is nothing short of excellent – the highlight of the album. Harri’s exquisitely calm voice is as soothing as it is spirited. The jazzy beats and funky guitar hooks combine perfectly to create a track oozing with style and charisma.

‘Roma’ is a punchy, in-your-face song, showcasing the best elements of Harri’s dynamic vocal range. The only disappointment is that there aren’t more tracks with similar power and vigour to ‘Roma’. The melodic baselines and syncopated rhythms are consistent across the entire record, with the result being an all-round joyful album.

The record gives an uplifting feel with plenty of energy and bounce. It’s easy to imagine listening to Harri Larkin in an open, sun-kissed field at a festival, but we don’t have to imagine – the band are opening the main stage at this year's Tramlines, where we’ll be graced with their infectious energy.

by Daniel Atherton (he/him)
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