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Heave Ho EP

Having made a short film under the same name, Abe realigned their physical bodies during the recent summer months to create what is an astonishingly proficient EP. Five stand-out tracks make up the Heave Ho EP, which I believe will really make its mark on Sheffield’s electronic music scene. Having been separated for most of the year due to other commitments, they combined their efforts as soon as possible and began to record.

It's always great to hear original sounds and Abe are packed full of them. Although appealing to honoured elements of popular music, they have their own flow, feel and direction. I also appreciate the time spent on mixing and mastering, because I know that on smaller releases these things can be patchy. In this case, every sound is clear, clean and well placed.

The first track ‘Step Out’ is moody and temperamental. Waves of sound wallow over piercing strings, swelling with bassy thudding in time to a strangely alluring tempo. After a crescendo of feeling, all goes quiet until ‘Wink Wink’. To me this song feels like the sun coming out after a short but dramatic shower. Summery riffs and keys carry uplifting vocal melodies exploring questions about what we really need in life. It's a lovely, slightly 80s sounding tune with some punchy interludes.

Next up is ‘Dark & Sweet’, which reminds me of the good bits of Phil Collins' Genesis with its catchy, snare-driven beats. Another well-delivered vocal explores some soulful notes and some great harmonising chants. The pace slows to wavy chords accompanied by some pretty inward facing lyrics for ‘Yelp!’. Last up is the groovy pop of ‘You Are Me’, which smashes in with some brass then fades to a chill. A great EP that is worthy of my collection.