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The synth patterns on this album recall pioneers such as Mother Mallard, a group who worked in the Moog factory with Bob himself. This is prog revivalism that goes right back to the original source for its raw material. ‘Waterboatman’ begins with the kind of Korg fuzz that raises hairs and ‘Cricket’ is Another Green World-era Brian Eno. When it’s moving languorously, Hivemind is a joy, but where it stretches the patience occasionally is in the extended, angular guitar riffing. It recalls 80s King Crimson, but Dutch Uncles have rescued that sound in a much more creative way by placing it firmly back in pop. ‘Swarm Behaviour’ is a faux- Chapman Stick take-off, but the destination remains obscure. The more motorik-influenced sounds here are great. Take the expanding gravure patterns of ‘Aphidelity’ or the percussive build of ‘Metamorphosis’. If this was remixed by, say, Theo Parrish or Moritz von Oswald, that would be something.

Steve Hanson