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Hot Diamond Aces EP

After the success of last year’s EP, Turtle Knight, Sheffield seven-piece funk brothers Hot Diamond Aces are back with another exceptional 20 minutes of their unique sound.

The self-titled EP opens with a brass section and a steady funk beat. The brass players are given a platform to express themselves with a series of meandering, melodic solos. 'DSOMC' cleverly sets the stall out for the listener, showing what Hot Diamond Aces are all about.

The band’s fusion of funk, jazz and afrobeat is no more apparent than on 'Funk 7', with a bluesy guitar riff paving the way for a classic slap bass line. The brass section is once again given licence to spit a variety of melodic riffs off left, right and centre. The tempo shifts numerous times, showing the top-class musicianship of the band.

The vast number of layers heard on this EP is mindboggling, but only because they fuse together so well and give the band an accessibility that other acts do not have. 'Itchy & Lumpy' is more of the same from Hot Diamond Aces, but this time we are treated to a noir-style breakdown midway through the track. We’re transported from the funk clubs of Ohio to the smoke-filled taverns of New Orleans in a couple of seconds.

The funkiest of bass lines props up EP closer 'Super Moon Sundae', a mammoth track so bursting with creativity and melody that it wouldn’t be prudent to place it anywhere else on the EP.
The way this band structure their songs mimics that of a live jam, which ultimately transfers the energy of Hot Diamond Aces easily to the home listener.

Paul Stimpson