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If I Had A HiFi 75th Orbit

Stunning three track release of slow motion house music that Andrew Weatherall would have approved of.

Released: 30 July 2020
75th Orbit

Now into its second decade, Matthias Springer and Oliver Roo’s Diametral imprint pushes the envelope (literally) with their latest release by If I Had A HiFi. 75th Orbit combines an altogether otherworldly feel by the UK producer with crisp production that straddles deep acid-laced techno and tribal house.

Kicking off the trio of productions with the title track, we’re lowered in gently as a slow motion, low frequency 303 bassline heralds a chug drug kick drum coated with dub techno overtones. Layers of sound are applied to add euphoria while the acid starts to pitch up to take the track onto another level. The intensity steps up a notch as 'Europa' continues the deep space, cosmic journey, as more percussion comes into play bringing the tribal side out of Mr HiFi.

The mid-way breakdown allows for the acid to once again take centre stage. From then onwards it manages to hold onto the limelight for the remainder of this spellbinding track. To finish we have something that would no doubt have made its way into an Andrew Weatherall set with Telesto providing the wickedest of grooves as a hissing hi hat and kick drum join together to hold the hypnotic and infectious chord in place. Like a whirling dervish, the track twists and turns, building momentum, and again there is that magnificent acid bassline. It’s been a while since we heard anything by If I Had A HiFi, but on this evidence, it’s been well worth the wait - just don’t leave it so long next time.