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Jellies Daunt

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It seems as if all we read about the internet these days is how it spreads terrible messages. Hate travelling at lightning speed. Fake news mushrooming in every corner of flashy smartphones.

But there's a silver lining to the instant gratification and distance-shortening nature of online communication, and that is in helping musicians from various locations to collaborate. Jellies are born from such a situation. California and South Yorkshire are now a few file transfers away.

Jellies tap into a new vein

Jellies' brand new EP, Daunt, might be as short as they come, but it conveys the 'take it easy' attitude that bands like Mazes and Milk Maid explored so many years ago. Pensive moods effloresce through relaxed chords on 'Strychnine', dreamy shoegaze atmospheres that coat a tired, shivering body on a bitter night. It's not a retread of late noughties slacker indie, though. Jellies tap into a new vein, achieving in a nine-minute debut EP what most bands can't on a full-blown record.

Short and sweet songs round up Daunt, feeling like staccato poems found inside a valise at a car boot sale. This EP is proof that our current instant communication and viralisation era of immediacy can bring something good out of all the noise, out of all these bad vibes.

Sam J. Valdés López

by Sam J
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