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London Modular Alliance Cracked Dice

The triple talents of Koova, Yes Effect and Pip Williams converge on Sheffield’s premier electronic label with four tracks that slide effortless between electro, Bleep-bass and hardcore.

Released: 30 April 2021
Cracked Dice

No strangers to the Central Processing Unit facility, two-thirds of the London Modular Alliance have previously released music on the Sheffield imprint so they're well versed in what works. The electro-enthused trio continue their run of form that’s seen them release over half a dozen records across as many labels in 12 months – and it still feels like they’re warming up.

Kicking off with the title track ‘Cracked Dice’, the EP lulls you into a false sense of calm before slowly introducing sounds, some obvious, others less so, before we’re teased by the possibilities that this might go full throttle. It never does, and to the artists' credit that would have been too predictable.

As a result they conjure something up for back rooms and lazy nights. This is a measured opening and one that is a counterpoint to ‘Head Of The Keeper’, which tips its hat to an old school junglist sound which is enhanced by subatomic slaps of bass. These step aside for an interlude of bleep and bass before the heavy breaks and chops barge back in.

‘Chemical Peel’ is as CPU as it gets and will win over true fans of the classic South Yorkshire bass sound, with Detroit overtones that hark back to early Plus 8 Records. ‘Lemon Mishap’ rounds things out nicely, with a quality machine-funk sound that you’d expect to hear from the likes of Drexciya. It shows that these guys are not afraid to switch styles - and do it with ease and much success.