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Me Lost Me The Circle Dance EP

The new five track EP from Me Lost Me imagines a new world built on harmony and balance, expressed via an infusion of syncopated sonics and epigrammatic verse. It's a sensually triumphant journey.

Released: 1 October 2021
The Circle Dance EP

"I was imagining a folk tradition that could have existed for a very long time, but also one that could exist in the future – a planet where we've actually managed to sort things out," says Chesterfield-raised Jayne Dent, the electronic innovator behind the moniker Me Lost Me.

The new EP incorporates a wide range of sonics, melding synths, woodwind, double bass, drones and field recordings that work together with a hypnotic beauty.

The title track opens with breaking surf on Blast Beach near Durham, leading to a swirling maelstrom of syncopated blips, synth blurts and seagull-like squeals. Jane sings "We're working with / not against the tide," a restrained and harmonious lyric that acts as a perfect juxtaposition to the untamed sonic vortex of the sea.

A beautiful marimba melody accompanies coruscating clarinet on ‘Acrobat On The Roof’, with a rhythmic vibe that has echoes of Peter Gabriel's 'Mercy Street'. The journey then takes a more spiritual turn as ethereal vocals synchronise with a graceful double bass and woodwind undertow on the uplifting ‘Sing To The Sun’, before alien drums march in to provide some leftfield menace.

The instrumental 'Three Crossings', created by Dent during a writing residency in Fife, takes a tolling bell pulse and surrounds it with electronica and synth swirls before the shock of an almost demonic drone kicks in. "I like the idea of thinking about the three ways of getting across the river as a metaphor for choosing paths to the future,” says the musician.

That theme is maintained on closer ‘Binoculars’, which marries skittering beats, synth fizzes and trippy, mayfly clarinet weaved with recorded birdsong. "Never too much / Nor not enough," sings Dent on the title track. It's the perfect, epigrammatic description of this superb EP.

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