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Greek mythology, folk samples and bass-led electronica aren’t normally the most likely bedfellows, but it is no coincidence that London-based artist and producer Throwing Snow has titled his album Mosaic.

Having previously released on Local Action, Dusted Wax Kingdom and Sneaker Social Club, producer Ross Tones now unleashes a full-length release by artist-led Fabric sub-label Houndstooth. The former Red Bull Music Academy protégé has never shied away from exposing his vast breadth of influences. The schizophrenic leaps in both tone and rhythm weave a rich aural tapestry unique in its construction, keeping the listener numbed.

Perhaps most noteworthy is the choice and breadth of sublime featured vocalists. Not only are they balanced perfectly in the mix, but each puts in a worthy appearance that truly elevates the overall composition. Singer Adda Kaleh embodies the elastic, elemental timbre of a young Björk segueing sublimely over stuttering breakbeats.

Straddling that awkward position between home listening and club music, the structural shifts provide miniature moments of euphoria, regardless of context. Trance has become a sacrilegious word amongst serious electronic music producers following its exorcism in the late 1990s with a burst of Gatecrasher lion symbolism, saccharine vocals and garish rave wear, but closer ‘Saltare (Parts 1 & 2)’ embodies its original meaning – epic, shimmering and truly transcendental. It’s the best track Gold Panda never made.

Whilst it would be fair to say that some ideas have not been explored to their fullest, particularly the inappropriately titled ‘Pathfinder’, which meanders along like a frustratingly drawnout sketch, this is still a very well thought out body of work that dramatically defines its own niche and has an unprecedented, otherworldly grandeur. Highly recommended.