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Mr Ben & The Bens Life Drawing

Releasing ten albums in five years is a tremendous achievement for any artist.

Released: 10 July 2020
Life Drawing

Following on from their extra-terrestrial concept album released last year, Mr. Ben & the Bens have sourced inspiration closer to their Sheffield home for new album, Life Drawing. The fittingly-namely band are fronted by Ben Hall, who's branched away from the synth-driven previous album towards a lofi acoustic sound.

The lively 'On The Beach' provides the perfect opening for a dreamy, vibrant album where each of the 12 songs delve into a variety of character-driven episodes. 'Danny' is a real indie-pop anthem, with joyous hooks and a relentless drum beat providing the backdrop for a character attempting to understand a relationship. The antithesis is 'Astral Plane', a sorrowful ballad with psychedelic pop touches. 'Watering Can' is propelled by soothing orchestral rhythms, a beautiful closure to an excellent record.

Releasing ten albums in five years is a tremendous achievement for any artist. Taking into account the rich, diverse elements of Life Drawing makes Hall's ability to churn out multiple albums a year even more impressive.

Each song provides the listener with a sense of escapism and is ideally suited to these troubling times. Mr. Ben & the Bens plan to release further details of their rescheduled tour, including a Sheffield date at Picture House Social due to take place in 2021. An immensely talented act who you don't want to miss.

by Daniel Atherton (he/him)