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Neko Neko Between Two Cities

Released: 28 October 2016
Between Two Cities

Neko Neko, aka Graham Shortland, is a prolific producer and creator of electronic music. He’s rarely out of his home studio, but what sets him apart from bedroom hobbyists is his devotion to using analogue equipment when creating original sounds, instead of relying on plugins and music software.

He’s been tinkering with fresh sounds for years, releasing stuff through Mind On Fire and My First Moth, as well as DJing at many of their club nights. These nine tracks play seamlessly, like a live mix, albeit one that veers out of the back door and through the city streets to breathe in the sonic surroundings, before queue jumping back into the club.

The opening refrains of ‘Waiting’ sample a harp, threatening to break into a black and white Hollywood coda. Instead, it drops into a fuzzy sub bass riff and a clattering of high hats that sound like a bird flapping its wings after its feeder was spiked with amphetamine. The accompanying vocals by Najia Bagi add another soulful dimension to this cut-up technique.

The musique concrete doesn’t end there, as Shortland continues to sculpt tracks from disparate sources, from the wooden vibes and 808 snares on ‘Memories’ to the leftfield synths and castanets on ‘Sophia’. This release is a journey through the indescribable aspects of the city’s nightlife. In expressing the neglected parts of the psyche before the morning arrives and the brain cells combust, Neko Neko remains defiant. Manchester may be a tale of two cities, but this city is ours.

We have the exclusive first play of the first track lifted from Neko Neko's album, 'Waiting (Feat Najia Bagi)'.