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Never Spoken Remix EP

King Caspisce’s original, extended edit of ‘Never Spoken’ opens with stripped back, atmospheric jazz intertwined with slow melodies and each remix on the EP doesn’t stray too far from this. They all latch onto its ambient opening without strongly incorporating the energetic and saxophone-driven second half of the original, but this limitation works.

Karmacist’s ‘Ever Broken Remix’ is a relaxed composition that barely holds onto the sound of the original, but is a musical spiral of perfection. Cucharada’s ‘Mute Point Remix’ is a level above Karmacist’s in energy and is an interpretation that’s meant to make listeners move without them having to leave their seats.

Seeded Vision and Corporeal’s remix is the most intelligent. It’s wholly different to the original, but the most similar due to its thick layer of atmosphere, covered by weighted claps and drums. Pik aims for the groove with his remix, which is spontaneous but organised, and Weith’s remix, whether it was meant to be or not, is the most soulful, largely due to the sound of voices in the background, which adds enough to his slow mix to separate it from the others.

Had it not been for the track list and name of the EP, listeners would be forgiven for thinking that the Never Spoken Remix EP was made up of entirely original pieces. Despite none of them having the same urgent energy of the original, they are each unique forms that bring something new.

Akeem Balogun