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Oh Papa Sitcom

As the days get longer and the evenings get lighter, thoughts naturally turn to sunnier climes and a rather more relaxed climate. Summer is finally on its way and all that's missing is suitable musical accompaniment. Enter Oh Papa, four fearless friends hailing from Sheffield with music fit to soundtrack the balmiest of August days.

Released: 10 April 2020

Their debut release, Papa Les, showcased the talent which has clearly been evident from their live performances, but the band's new EP, Sitcom, demonstrates a confidence and maturity well beyond their (band) years. Comprising of four timeless gems which are set to softly rock your world, it's an absolute beauty. While these songs feel effortlessly accomplished, there's a notable extra depth in the writing and ambition of arrangement.

'I Wouldn't Mind' is an instant ear worm. Imagine cruising down the Californian coast, a breeze gently ruffling through your hair, palm trees swaying in the midday sun. It's a delicious and dexterous mix of whimsical narrative and deft musicianship.

The title track 'Sitcom', on the other hand, whisks you away to a desert island at sunset. As the waves gently lap upon the shore, sit back, relax and raise a glass to absent friends. Close your eyes and drift away on the music. These two tracks are complemented by the jittery Iberian toe-tapper 'Juanita' and the wistful 'Maurice, Maurice'.

With Sitcom, Oh Papa have put down a marker for the future. They're fast becoming one of Sheffield's best new bands. Who knows how far this journey could take them?

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