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Local troublemakers Pink Cigs have been biding their time for their first official release, following an early demo back in November last year. Recorded at Station House Studio in Leeds, Cigs have opted for a more professional finish from producer James Atkinson with this EP, adding some studio value to their usual fuzzy sound.

The four-track release is hot and heavy, with each track as punchy as the last. The thing I like best about the band is the way they throw elements of all kinds of genres into their music, and this record is no exception. There's no denying they are a hard rock band, but their bluesy riffs and punky vocals make for a sound a little less like anything you've heard before.

Opening track 'Night Stalker' was instantly picked up by local BBC Radio and featured on a compilation for Classic Rock magazine, giving them some exposure wider than the murky depths of their former home, the illusive Lughole venue. My highlight of the record is the second half of 'Mood Hoover', where a short drum solo introduces an instrumental finale which switches up the pace and really gets the heart pumping.

1 is available on all your usual download and streaming platforms, but the lads have also had some limited edition 7" vinyl pressed, which you can get your hands on at their live shows. I've seen Pink Cigs live a handful of times now and never been disappointed. I'd encourage you all to keep an eye out for gigs in the new year.

Tasha Franek

by Tasha Franek (she/her)
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