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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Porsche Majeure / We Like Fires

If the Vorticists made music instead of paintings and radical prints, this would be the result. It’s the bastard lovechild of JG Ballard and Ezra Pound, a Blast magazine for the ears, a breath of fresh air in a Mancunian musical world where things were stagnating.

The A-side opens with a post-apocalyptic electrical howl, swiftly accompanied by squelching synth, before ascending into a quagmire of jangling guitars, ghost-like vocals and crashing cymbals. What becomes swiftly apparent is that TVAM is completely the wrong name for a sound that is so suited for driving at 110mph at night.

The slogans bursting out amongst the noise are almost overrun by the sheer volume of sound surrounding them. It’s tailor-made for the information generation, perfectly encapsulating the essence of being lost amongst the din of 21st century living.

B-side ‘We Like Fires’ doesn’t drop the ball and is much of the same. Its thudding opening beat is the dark, twisted cousin of Todd Terje’s ‘Delorean Dynamite’, with more haunting vocals, this time akin to Ian Curtis, refraining over the top in the declaration of a pyromaniac’s fantasy.

The limited edition, 100-copy run of the 7” has already sold out and, with airplay on BBC Radio 6 and a handful of support slots around Manchester lined up over the next couple of months, the buzz is getting louder. Take the opportunity to see him whilst you can.