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Radio Bits

Walter Ego’s music has always been without restriction in the genres it explores, but all of his tracks have managed to possess something that is unmistakably distinctive. Now his sound has reached beyond his hometown of Sheffield, but has retained that something that makes a Walter Ego track sound like a Walter Ego track, no matter where it’s played.

At only four songs, Radio Bits is brief, but this doesn’t stop the opening track from building anticipation for the rest of the EP. 'PG16' is an excellent and clever introduction. Its use of vocals doesn’t add or take anything from it and it prepares the listener for the titular song with its fusion of sounds. 'Radio Bits' is a safe entry point to Walter, not too different from other songs in his catalogue, but most importantly it allows the more exciting songs, 'Smoke Bomb', 'PG16' and 'The Prom', to stand out.

The last of the aforementioned tracks is graced with delicate production and has a funky feel, along with a touch of elegance thanks to its vocal snippets, reminiscent of UK funky, garage and house. 'Smoke Bomb' is suitably named and a strong finish to the EP. Once it starts, there’s a moment of shock that doesn’t subside until its three minutes of heavy instruments closes.

In a time when there are countless EPs being released – not all of which are entirely praiseworthy – the quality shown on Radio Bits is somewhat of a relief. For anyone who has heard most of Walter Ego’s music, it’s unquestionable that his new EP contains some of his best work to date. For those who are new to him, Radio Bits is a good place to start.

Akeem Balogun