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Ramson Badbonez Love Music

With his solid ideas and lyrical abilities, Ramson Badbonez' new EP is UK hip-hop with a conscious twist.

Released: 23 October 2020
Love Music

Finally, some content! This EP is so refreshing. Standout tracks ‘Mr White’ and ‘Love Music’ both showcase Ramson's well-known lyrical abilities, but with real, relatable content. With a title like ‘Mr White’, you'd immediately think this was a Breaking Bad reference or another narcotics-fuelled escapade. But the reality is ‘Mr White’ is much cleverer than that – not only is its release timing absolutely perfect, the ideas are solid too.

"Racism is sad and pathetic, no matter how you dress it, rugged or well-groomed. A mental sickness and terminal illness for real, I sincerely hope you get well soon.” Ramson not only nails the delivery – his approach is masterminded fearlessly and expertly delivered too. It’s the track of the EP.

The titular banger ‘Love Music’ pays homage to past artists of all genres in a very clever way, and earned a few pull-ups when analysing - something you always want on a new project. His final bar, "Music comes from all forms, now walk tall and dance along, because the blues is where it started from," sums it up extremely well.

Other highlights include ‘Gun Talk’, with its impressive rhyme schemes throughout and elements of Nas and Pharoahe Monch shining through, especially towards the end, and the wordplay on ‘Real Eyes Realise Real Lies’ featuring Nesha. Love Music is a delightfully surprising EP, and if you like UK hip-hop with a conscious twist, you'll like this.

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