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Richard Hawley Further

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He's been around so long it's hard to think of someone who symbolises Sheffield more than Richard Hawley. You wonder if Pete McKee and him have competitions to see who can out-Sheffield each other.

New offering Further is a lot heavier than 2015's Hollow Meadows. Opening track 'Off My Mind' grabs your attention immediately with feedback and a heavy beat, but it's not particularly memorable.

'My Little Treasures' feels like more familiar territory for the Pitsmoor-born performer, a melodic song echoing the soothing tones of early efforts like Late Night Final and Truelove's Gutter. It's a change in style from the start, becoming more interesting with each listen. It turns out 'My Little Treasures' took Hawley 12 years to write, a personal revelation telling the story of him drinking with his late father's friends.

there is a clash of styles here - classic crooner versus riff-heavy Richard

'Emilina Says' is a show of top form, but then the album shifts back to its upbeat rock nature with 'Is There A Pill?' and 'Gallay Girl'. It's a more impressive stint into rock than the opener, but it disjoints the album. On the latter half of the record Hawley come back into his own with tracks like 'Midnight Train'.

Overall, there is a clash of styles here - classic crooner versus riff-heavy Richard - and it's clear which one comes out on top. However, it's definitely worth a listen to the latest from Sheffield royalty.

Brady Frost

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