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Shadow Acid Timescape

Exalt Records have been on a bit of a roll in 2020. Rather than hunker down and write off the year as a non-event, label boss Jamie Exalt has upped the ante with a variety of white labels, dub plates and eye-catching coloured vinyl releases.

Released: 13 August 2020

The latest offering by Shadow Acid sees the label steadily shift towards breaks and acid influences, with a single-side release that comes in both transparent red and purple flavours.

Melodic bleeps and emotive string patterns herald classic old school breakbeats as the euphoria is slowly turned up, before a crisper kick drops in tandem with a heavy bassline. Before long the track is absolutely complete with a harmonic 303 acid line that dips in and out between the strings to complete a fantastic dancefloor-driven double act.

While this release may have old skool sensibilities, the production values are very much set in the present day. The mastering and mix is so good that no single sound ever feels like it's drowning out any other - this is rave music but on a grandmaster level. More output is expected from Shadow Acid later this year, and on this evidence it's an artist worth pulling into the limelight.