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Silicon Scally Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue
534 1561974258

Carl Finlow's change of focus from techno and house to electro once again pays dividends with his second release for the hottest electronic label this side of the Pennines. CPU's sixth proper release of 2019 comes from Finlow, who gained much credibility through his Random Factor alias, under the wry pseudonym of Silicon Scally.

Following on from his Projections EP, this is once again trademark CPU tackle that doesn't deviate too far from the sound that fans of the label have grown passionate about. Title track 'Cobalt Blue' spreads menace and mystery over an infectious but minimal groove that feeds into track number two, 'Scintillation', very nicely. Sporadic acid movements drift in and out over an 808 beat to create an effective and emotive piece of electronics.

Sporadic acid movements drift in and out

'Asynchronous' stands out as the killer track. Throbbing four-on-the-floor kicks bounce alongside a myriad of bleeps with a deep, breathing bassline that will no doubt sound utterly fantastic on a big soundsystem. The other three tracks here could pretty much be played anywhere, but this one was made for low-roofed, hot dancefloors, preferably lit by a single strobe.

The last of the quartet of tracks is 'Protocol 2', which again has all the trademark CPU electro vibes: part Kraftwerk, part Drexciya, with a heavy dose of where electro is at in 2019.

Andy Tattersall