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After going through some line-up changes, Bearing Loss are back, and they've come back strongly. The dedicated Cheshire hardcore band has previously released an EP entitled Burdens, but they've come a long way since then.

Burdens, although very good, isn't as strong as their new single. It's not produced quite as well as their new track, the vocals aren't their strongest and, not to be harsh, but the first three out of the four songs all sound pretty similar.

But there is no mincing with their new track, ‘Strive and Believe’. It’s like a gorgeously angry thought translated into song. Starting loud and in your face, it remains that way for the entire track. It’s tight and cleanly produced, with no noticeable faults in any of the instrumentation. Their riffs are cleanly executed in time with the complex drum patterns, not to mention the near-perfect vocals throughout. The breakdown is not extremely heavy, but enough to stir up some decent crowd killing when played live.

It is evident that these lads have worked hard and poured their hearts into this, as it’s near to perfect in terms of musicality. This release is bold and daring from a great band that I know will do big things. If you ever get a chance to see them live, I urge you to go, as they are one of the tightest live hardcore bands you will witness.