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Bright and bashful with a slight twinge of rock, I guess The Sundowners live up to all you'd expect them to be.

Upon first hearing track one, I thought things were looking hopeful. It was all a bit adolescent, but musically tight at the same time, somewhat like recently acclaimed band Peace. But when the vocals came in, I found myself thinking, ‘Am I listening to an Abba tribute?’ Although I hate to say it, it sounded like a generic 80s singer had been plonked on top of some new-age, 21st century psych rock band.

I gave it a chance and continued listening but, much to my distress, it all sounded very similar. I'm unsure as to what effect exactly was used on the vocals, but it was applied to the whole record, which makes for a tedious listen. They are aiming to achieve a certain sound, so credit is due to them for trying to do so, but I feel like some variety is needed somewhere to ensure the album doesn't sound like one drawn-out track. It put me off to the extent that, if I hadn't been reviewing it, I'd have turned it off by track three.

Despite this, the vocal tone was perfect. My contention lies with their choice of harmonies and effects. It’s a very well put together and well produced record, albeit a bit boring and a tad cringe-worthy.