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The Cathode Sea True Stories from the Cathode Sea

The Cathode Sea’s sophomore album combines witty lyrics and true melodic sweetness to produce a musically diverse record.

Released: 21 February 2021
True Stories from the Cathode Sea

The Cathode Sea are a music collective from Sheffield who describe their songs as a “reflection on the psychology of cults, dark television nostalgia and the digital mess of modern life.” Beautiful songs are in abundance and appear to come effortlessly to this band – their ability to transition from lo-fi indie folk to hard-hitting distorted anthems is almost frightening.

As heard on BBC Radio Sheffield, the vibrancy of opening track ‘The Lysergic Allotment Club’ is strengthened by a sense of urgency which oozes eloquence and elegant style. A reference to the infamous cult originating in Crookes, ‘Children of the Nine O'Clock Service’ showcases a dreamy sound with delicate melodies.

Album highlight ’Pity Sex’ is a loud, energetic track with incredible musical variation. “How many lovers tell lies at the weekend?” is repeated over and over, as retro grooves and dramatic arrangements are incorporated throughout. Similarly, ‘In Fancy Dress’ starts off with aggressive riffs but merges exquisite harmonies in between to create a song which is both gritty and gorgeous.

The fact that the album was written, recorded and mastered in four separate homes due to Covid restrictions makes the production of this record even more impressive. You’ll struggle to find an album as engaging or fervent, with such a plethora of stunning, intertwined vocals. This is Sheffield’s answer to The Staves, and without a doubt one of best albums of 2021 so far.

by Daniel Atherton (he/him)
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