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The EP of Truth and Regret. People Are Strange

Despite having being together for little more than a year, it's been a busy few months for Low Duo. Having toured with the likes of Karima Francis and Courtney Pine, Low Duo have pleased the ears of many, gaining widespread media praise along the way and putting to bed any questions surrounding the ambiguity of their minimalistic concept as people familiarise themselves with their music.

Staying true to this vision, The EP of Truth and Regret sees the disclosure of a pure, clean and ethereal sound, resulting in a great sequel to the angstridden heartbreak of tracks from their two previous releases, The EP of Fear and Failure and The EP of Hope and Despair.

Gentle but at times emphatic, Leigh further proves his versatility as a lyricist and songwriter as the duo embark on an eerie diversion into a more expansive sound, while still seeing through the continuation of their onevoice one-guitar concept.

The EP opens with 'Ambulance', which tells a story of guilt and helplessness where the softness of Leigh's vocals are tempered by the fevered licks of the guitar.

Penultimate track 'Secret Matters' demonstrates a dark sound elevated by the addition of a bass guitar, creating a looming sense of urgency and alienation reminiscent of the brooding anti-pop of the early 90s.

Whimsically romantic yet fatally doomed, 'Waltz with Her' speaks of unattainable love. The ballad encapsulates poetic lyrics laced within a slowly drawn anguish, possessing a forbidden sense of intimacy. Strikingly emotive and lyrically coherent, the track leaves a harrowing last impression as an album of beautiful songs which further demonstrate extensive growth draws to a close.