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The Lovely Eggs I Am Moron

One of Lancaster's finest and most honest exports, The Lovely Eggs drop their sixth album and it's a much needed tonic for loyal fans and new ears.

Released: 3 April 2020
I Am Moron

No doubt many fans were disappointed with their upcoming tour going to the wall, as with all live events, but with a dozen high-octane tracks on offer here, there's much to be grateful for as part of your lockdown soundtrack.

The Lovely Eggs have used this latest offering as their own anthropological study on modern culture through what they refer to as "inspired anger, contempt and hysterical laughter". With a cosmic intro, 'Long Stem Carnations' quickly switches gear into a heavy, pounding psychedelic number that's as much about pulsating electronics as it is head-banging guitar fuzz. The left-field humour is never far away with 'You Can Go Now', in which Holly Ross reels off a list of eclectic items that can go now - go where is anybody's guess.

It's a shame that fans won't hear 'This Decision' on a live stage for some time because it's clearly designed to be played loud. With their trademark intense, driving guitar and drums we suggest you get some egg boxes to pad out your house to hear this in its full glory.

I Am Moron is The Lovely Eggs' second album to be co-produced and mixed by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala) and it's quite evident, especially with the outer space, blissed-out 'The Mothership'. The grainy, distorted sound soon returns, with more riotous moments including 'Insect Repellent' and the wonderfully titled 'The Digital Hair'.