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The National I Am Easy To Find

I Am Easy To Find
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The opening to The National's latest album is certainly a lot more relaxed than some of their recent releases. 'You Had Your Soul with You' is a great opener that sets the tone for what is a very solid record.

The influence of the Dessner brothers on guitars is strong on I Am Easy To Find, but what defines the overall feeling is the guest vocals throughout, which balance perfectly with Matt Berninger's distinctive rasp.

Collaborators Gail Ann Dorsey, Sharon Van Etten, Kate Stables, Lisa Hannigan, Mina Tindle and Brooklyn Youth Chorus, to name a few, are placed centre stage, particularly in the latter stages of the record, with Berninger taking a back seat. This sets an incredibly mellow tone, fitting seamlessly with the atmospheric guitar and drums that have become so synonymous with the band.

an angelic, biblical atmosphere

There's an angelic, biblical atmosphere to some of the tracks - 'Her Father in the Pool' and 'Dust Swirls in Strange Light' being the most obvious examples - and interestingly the eighth studio album is the longest the band has ever recorded. But there are certainly no lulls and it doesn't preach at you to pay attention, but rather for you to soak up the sounds and enjoy.

The title track is a slow duet, with lyrics, "I'm not going anywhere / I am easy to find". Well, 20 years have passed since The National formed and the seasoned American rockers are consistently delivering great albums. It's a good job they're not going anywhere.

Brady Frost

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