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Time Don EP

Off Me Nut Records have become renowned in Sheffield for their abundance of bonkers, boisterous releases, Don’t Be A Pussy parties and rattling DJ sets. It’s been a while coming, with over a hundred digital releases under their belts, but that doesn’t make my own excitement for their first vinyl release any less palpable.

It looks very good. Designed by local illustrator Mila K, it stands apart from past releases without losing that nutsy Off Me Nut look.

Opener ‘Too Deep’ begins with the sort of uplifting piano chords that wouldn’t be out of place on an Ibiza mix CD. Coupled with the vocals of Leona, it lulls you into a false sense of security before ripping into an unruly 4/4 rolling bassline warper. This sets the tone for the rowdy ‘Milk and Bread’, featuring the MCing of Devilman. This track feels most at home on the EP. It’s this freewheeling madness that makes Phatworld so much fun.

‘Do It Like Sheff’ continues this rollercoaster of a release. Tez Kidd is on MC duties with party lyrics reminiscent of the old bassline scene, coupled with a healthy dose of high-pitched vocal loops. This one’s perhaps a bit busy, with Tez’s vocal sometimes a bit lost in the mix, but it remains a refreshing hometown bounce-along. ‘Next Man’s Grave’ features long-time Off Me Nut collaborator Tenik spraying high intensity vocals not devoid of the vocal manipulation I’ve always found to be one of my favourite features of Phatworld’s tunes.

Time Don is a very well put together EP with a brilliant level of production that never forgets the DNA that’s garnered the Off Me Nut crew such a following. It’s fun and exhausting. I’m shattered.

Checan Laromani