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TSHA Flowers

London-based producer TSHA is set for the release of her debut EP Flowers on 13 November via Ninja Tune. Having received stacks of acclaim from the likes of the NME, Pete Tong and Billboard, TSHA has solidified her status as ‘one to watch’ by bringing us an EP filled with dynamic aesthetics and pure style.

Released: 13 November 2020

The lead single ‘Sister’ is a track to get lost in. TSHA shared the inspiration for the song: “I wrote ‘Sister’ during lockdown after finding out I had an older half-sister from my estranged father who she is also estranged from. She’s lovely and we got on straight away, so I’m very happy to have a new member of my family as I’ve not had much of that in my life.”

The single perfectly encapsulates the emotions that she experienced in this time, and her vibrant style combined with melancholic touches encourages us to feel them too.

Throughout the EP, TSHA successfully establishes her pop and electronic capabilities. Her impressive depth of range and technique run through both ‘Change’ featuring Gabrielle Aplin and ‘Renegade’ with Ell Murphy. The use of captivating melodies and the ability to blend eclectic sounds while maintaining a pop undercurrent make this her most ambitious work to date.

The final track of the album, ‘Demba’, has been previewed by Bonobo and is a collaboration with Malian group Trio Da Kali. At its core it’s a song of women’s solidarity, and one that’s sure to fill up dancefloors with the animating vocals and balafon accompaniment.

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