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Tunng Tunng Presents​.​.​.​DEAD CLUB

The English have always had a rather uncomfortable relationship with the concept of death. We don’t like to think about it, never mind talk about it. Even reading about it right now you're probably starting to shift in your seat.

Released: 6 November 2020
Tunng Presents​.​.​.​DEAD CLUB

But don’t be afraid, because this is one the most beautiful and enthralling explorations of the topic in the medium of a concept album. Rather than explore love and sex, Tunng have gone to the other end of the lifecycle and thoroughly done their research to release something that combines conversations, poetry and incredibly good music.

Dead Club is accompanied with a mini podcast series that talks to those who have studied and documented death. This is a real labour of love – well, a labour of death – typified by the track ‘Death is the New Sex’.

You might be assuming this is a miserable record, but it’s far from it. ‘SDC’ (Swedish Death Cleaning) is a highlight. It's about the concept of döstädning and focuses on perpetually keeping your home decluttered so that everything you leave is of use to others. The chorus of ‘SDC’ goes, “The old toys in the shed have got to go." It’s an example of how Tunng succinctly relay what may scare us on the surface, but is in reality a comforting take on the march of time.

This is an album for all seasons but there is something quite hygge about it - warm, calm and blissful - and that affords you the option of listening to it on a surface level or much more deeply. Music is tied very closely to death, since most funerals carry some soundtrack accompaniment, often Sinatra’s ‘My Way’. This record offers a mature and honest alternative and would be a fine exit soundtrack for when our own time is called.