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Twilight Sad It Won/t Be Like This All The Time

It Won/t Be Like This All The Time
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As far as I remember, The Twilight Sad are a band that live in the shadows bred by souls torn asunder by life's hardships. Listen to them and no emotional wall will remain standing. Revealing an uglier side of life, It Won/t Be Like This All The Time cracks the veneer-like smiles we wear in these troubled times.

Whereas vapidity is rewarded in our current musical climate, the intricate density of this album traps you. A clear infatuation with Public Image Ltd and The Cure flows throughout, raw emotions hitting close to the bone. Listen to closing track 'Videograms' for a perfect slice of the band's unique sound and satisfying brood.

The beauty is always in the atmosphere-heavy palette The Twilight Sad love using. 'Girl Chewing Gum' and 'I/m Not Here [missing face]' create an unnerving labyrinth, filled with twisted corridors and snares that'll thrash you all over the place. In other tracks the punch is gentle, almost soothing. 'The Arbor' captures the gloomier side of eighties pop, injecting it with a fresh essence for the current generation to grow addicted to.

It's hard not feeling drained after listening to The Twilight Sad, but it's the catharsis you deserve, the one that will expunge what haunts.

Sam J. Valdés López

by Sam J
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