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Tycho Weather

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Since Tycho hit the scene, it's all been a game of evolution. His primordial, incense-like aroma of ambient begets new tendrils with each new release. The slow incorporation of instruments culminates in Weather being an album that seldom indulges in past misdeeds. The notable change is the addition of vocals, the logical step after incorporating live instruments.

Hannah Cottrell lends her dreamy vocals to most of Weather, with a few particular tracks serving as the foundation. The lush 'Japan' resonates as the mental image of Shibuya Crossing springs to mind. "If it doesn't work the first time, don't stress, don't stress," pleads 'No Stress', a song that ameliorates our souls, poisoned by the current political madness polluting our world. Hannah's voice intertwines with Tycho's intricate weavings, resulting in a warm quilt.

[Tycho's] willingness to evolve marks a necessity of forward momentum

Tycho's primordial chill is still there, still a soothing array of synths and reverb that never sinks into eighties aesthetics for long. Perhaps that's why Tycho continues to shine in a glut of chillwave copycats and chancers, as his willingness to evolve marks a necessity of forward momentum.

Strange that there's an urgency in what is an album that sells tranquillity. Perhaps that's why it works so well. Weather is another glide upwards in Tycho's career.

Sam J. Valdés López

by Sam J
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