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Until Silence

As a kid I used to dream of making sci-fi movies. They’d be filled with dark cities tangled in cold steel, there’d be dangerous robots, even more dangerous people, and it would have an incredible soundtrack. Sadly, once I’d watched Blade Runner I realised my ideas would never cut it against the pros. But after waiting so many years for it, I think I found the perfect soundtrack to the greatest sci-fi never made.

Until Silence is the third offering from Stockholm electronica duo Roll The Dice and may be their boldest venture yet. Electronica and orchestras aren’t a new idea, but rarely have they been melded so well to create such powerful feelings. Every track surges with tension and static. Sine waves shudder next to howling strings and beats thud in time with sullen piano. The gargantuan track ‘Assembly’ plays out like a dramatic reveal to the most monolithic image you could ever encounter, whilst at the other end of the spectrum the tragic strings of ‘Aridity’ score the death throes of some valiant hero.

Until Silence is an album that tells a narrative without having to speak a single word. It grips you from start to finish. The breadth of emotion within it is huge. Panicked synths stab and pound, only to be replaced with soaring strings and uplifting piano chords.

It sounds clichéd, but Until Silence really will send shivers down your spine. It’s a fantastic blend of modern and classical, both working perfectly together to create the kind of soundscapes that everyone loves to escape into from time to time.