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Vagabond Saint

Lounging on a sofa somewhere between the bluegrass and the western country sits a comfortable sound owned by Angelina, who’s actually from the Isle of Wight. The combination of acoustic guitar and big drums cradles a vocalist of emotive intensity, iced with the twang of the south, which reminds us of so many things. Love and excitement seems to be the order of the day and each number sways to and fro on the temperature chart of experiences.

Vocal melodies seem to drive the music and chord structures quite often match the vocal lines in symmetrical packages. This simplistic approach gives each drum beat a resounding impact and allows reverberations to travel through the music with a lot more fluidity than something a little more intense. We get a more holistic view of the music and each piece of the whole feels at home in the mix.

Elements of fusion occur in subtle places. There's a distinct reggae rhythm in a few parts and the use of strings and trumpets gives a layer beyond the reach of traditional music from this scene. Giving fresh blood to an otherwise well-loved and easily formulated genre allows Angelina to assert herself both as a modern musician and as a traditionalist, something which isn't always easy to do. Slipping the elements of novelty in covertly and allowing the main sound to remain true to genre, this is a clever way of taking us by surprise without blowing the whole thing to bits.