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Various Artists Club60 Singles Club No 1

In the early 60s, Club 60 was a popular jazz and blues venue that hosted luminaries like John Lee Hooker & Joe Cocker. Now it contains a state-ofthe- art analogue studio complex and is launching a series of limited edition double 7" vinyl singles.

As with any compilation, the tracks on Club 60 Singles Club No 1 are variations on a theme - in this case radio-friendly blues rock - with the odd surprise. The single gets off to a good start with the melancholy 'June July' by the Don Genes, who sound like the best bits of Kasabian, Muse, and Radiohead stitched together. This genre has been much maligned, but as the Don Genes show, when it is performed well it is powerful stuff.

The rock continues with 'In Remission' by the Oblongs. Although perhaps a bit light in the new ideas stakes, the fuzzy guitars and bluesy female vocals make this pleasant listening. That being said, now is the time to raise my objection to clichéd lyrics like: "I just wanna be one of the boys / I just wanna make a little noise."

Moving swiftly on, we have 'Fridge' by Black Cat, White Cat, who play competent bluesy rock. Am I the detecting a pattern here? As with all of the bands on this single, I can't fault the musicianship, but I feel that atavistic homage is no substitute for new ideas.

The last track is 'Doors' by Michael Eden, a soporific and wistful track in the sad breakup school of song writing. I don't usually pay much attention to this kind of music, but as it marks such a huge departure from the rest of the single I am forced to take notice. In this track we have a nice whooshing backdrop, gentle melodic guitars and vocals that are pitched at just the right level.

If blues-tinged rock tinged with melodic singer songwriter elements is your thing then you will probably enjoy this release. The vinyl pressing is strictly limited, so pick it up while stocks last.

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