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Various Artists Fundraiser Compilation

It's become a late capitalist cliché, but that doesn't stop it happening again and again. Artists and other creative types liberated by bargain basement rents move into areas of the city long consigned to economic decline. They do 'em up, bring the buzz back, and then suddenly the postcode is targeted as 'up and coming'. Rent triples, social enterprises and DIY venues are priced out, and tax-dodging holding companies swoop in to build the next northern outpost of Dubai-on-Thames.

Delicious Clam, a party, record label and venue formerly based on Sylvester Street are the latest to be turfed out of the ironically named Cultural Industries Quarter. To raise money for a new gaff they've released a 14-track collection of alternate versions, live recordings and rarities from such local luminaries as Best Friends, Thumbuster and The Orielles.

Perhaps declaring a new mission statement, Nai Harvest kick it off with a demo called 'Happiness Always', while Pet Rock bury their vocals so deep in the mix on 'Cuckoo' they could be a time capsule for the label.

Best track on the comp goes to Katie Pham & The Moonbathers with a live run through of the spooky 'Thick Cut'. An instrumental one from Seymore, 'Capo2', is more thoughtful than its throwaway title suggests, with the band channelling Mogwai at their prettiest. Particularly worth a look in is the jazzy funk of the Fentonville Street Band live, while a distant, out-of-tune piano adds poignancy to 'Promazine' by Five Leaf Nettles.

by Sam Gregory (he/him)
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