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Various Artists Now That's What I Call Quarantine

Two compilation albums from PROLE JAZZ showcase some of the most exciting talent in Sheffield during lockdown.

Released: 24 April 2020
Now That's What I Call Quarantine

Now That's What I Call Quarantine Vol. 1: Lockdown Anthems and Vol. 2: Sounds of Isolation are truly special compilation albums from PROLE JAZZ, showcasing some of the most exciting talent in Sheffield and making these long weeks in isolation bearable. 20 Sheffield-based musicians have dedicated their time to writing and recording original tracks for the album - all from the comfort of their own homes, of course.

PROLE JAZZ are requesting donations in return for the download, but if you're skint you don't have to. All donations from the album will be going to Foodhall, the volunteer-powered organisation and community centre based in the heart of Sheffield.

Volume one kicks off with 'Keep Breathing' by Life Aquatic Band. Recorded over two continents, the tune wholly captures this absurd time, reflecting our need for a positive emotional release as the sound builds through intense synthesisers and bass. Next up is Oh Papa's 'Quarantine Song (demo)', written and recorded after a few beers on the first day of isolation. It's there to remind us that we're all in this together. Rhiannon Scutt's new lockdown arrangement of 'Waging War', first released back in 2018, is a consideration of how physical and creative constraints can provoke a whole new sense of freedom.

On Sounds of Isolation we're instantly thrown into an ethereal soundscape by Jackson Swaby's 'The Mirror Cloud Descends', which brilliantly uses house music to respond to a time that feels a lot like a movie. Volume two also features 'Too Far Gone to Cry, Too Hooked to Say Goodbye' by Gold Top Baby. Mixed by Dean Honer, it's a dancey number that tips its hat to the likes of Alan Vega and flirts with juvenile, comic imagery.

The album is undoubtedly a celebration of the wonderfully inspiring music community in Sheffield. Not only is it a display of the exceptional talent emerging from our city, but it's an embodiment of just how willing that community is to band together in a time of need. It's heartwarming to see.