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'Kwabena' by Tuesday Born caught my ear during the second half of 2011, so it was with great pleasure that I was asked to cover this forthcoming release from the man.

Arriving on 6th May via Audio Doughnuts, the release is a remix EP of 'Wake' from his Sleep From Stars EP, featuring the original mix and remixes from Two Inch Punch and Pàle.

The original track features the beautiful vocal tones of Sheffield-based Dnaë Wellington. This young vocalist and songwriter blew me away when I saw her band live and I urge you to take the next opportunity to hear her sing.

Drowned in ambient warmth, 'Wake' is a minimal piece featuring well arranged guitar licks and reversed chords which are balanced against low-end movement and Dnaë's vocal to great effect.

Two Inch Punch's remix utilises many of the same elements present in the original, but an 808 has been squeezed in to supplement the low end and the drum programming has been made more upbeat, providing a greater club focus to proceedings.

Pále again programs a more upbeat arrangement of the available elements, showcasing precise vocal chops and a driving sub bass support line. Personally I think this is the better of the two remixes because it stays true to the original while offering a fresh and well-executed interpretation.

Great stuff from the one-time Sheffield resident Tuesday Born. Ready for some more.