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Watch Me Dance

Since the early 2000s, Toddla T has maintained an unfaltering reputation as Sheffield’s top party DJ and Watch Me Dance should feature on everyone’s party playlist. A cacophony of clubbable tracks, an outstanding array of vocal collaborators and a carnival vibe all make for an album of endless positivity.

The title track begins rocky, tinged with the electronic sultriness of a Prince tune. The recognisable voice of Roots Manuva on ‘Watch Me Dance’ segues nicely into the most popular track on the album, 'Take It Back'. Featuring the super smooth vocals of Shola Ama in a UK garage context, the track sends shivers down the spine, before the album changes direction once more, sailing into 'Cruise Control'.

A siren signals the introduction of prominent Moloko collaborator Roísín Murphy on 'Cherry Picking'. Toddla T’s cherry-picking has resulted in an ideal party selection which really gets going on 'Streets So Warm'. The bassy carnival vibe keeps you warm and the temperature is set to rise, eventually causing 'Badman Flu'. Symptoms include attention seeking and crazy dancing.

Humour turns to sexiness with Cassie-like vocals on 'Body Good'. The album continues in a simple, heart-warming vein whilst upholding that raucous party sound. If you have listened from start to finish, you really will feel like you can fly by the end.
Watch Me Dance is an album for open-minded music lovers, wanting and willing to give anything a try.

Jennifer Martino