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We Believe in Electric City

We Believe In Electric City is the latest release from South Yorkshire band Explorers Society. The Barnsley and Sheffield-based trio, who have been around since 2012, describe their music as cinematic piano music meets post-rock.

That’s an accurate summary. Early into this seven-track album it becomes clear that Explorers Society’s music is intended for relaxing or thinking to – drifting, floating, voiceless songs that belong to another galaxy entirely.

It’s an intentional effect, as piano player David Allatt explains. “I’d like to think this is what it sounds like in space,” he says. “It’s music for stargazers and dreamers. It’s not edgy. It’s unashamedly nice.” Indeed, tracks with names such as 'Hourglass Eyes', 'Royal Sport' and 'Birds' add to this majestic aesthetic.

Recorded and released as a session album, it’s easy to lose track of time while listening to We Believe In Electric City. The songs, all gentle build-ups to occasional crescendos, melt into each other in a satisfyingly formless clump.

Explorers Society’s music is so cinematic that it’s hard not to imagine it accompanying the visuals of Hollywood’s next space film. The album’s release, shortly after The Martian met widespread acclaim, might be fortunate or a shame. It’s not clear if the link cheapens their music or does it a favour, but it’s hard to separate the two.

It’s an appealing notion to imagine Explorers Society quietly continuing to release soothing music like this from their carved-out groove on the Barnsley alternative scene. It’s the sort of album that works best as a well-kept secret.

Dan Rawley