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Wolf Alice Blue Weekend

Blue Weekend is an album full of raw lyrics, dreamy vocals, and hints of grungy angst that pay homage to the tracks that built Wolf Alice their fanbase.

Released: 4 June 2021
Blue Weekend

Wolf Alice are back with their third album, Blue Weekend. Formed in 2010 as an acoustic duo, the outfit have come a long way with their sound and image in the past eleven years. Opening with ‘The Beach’, we hear lead singer Ellie Rowsell’s whispery vocals that immediately present the sense of rawness and vulnerability that can be heard throughout the album.

Although mainly made up of catchy tracks sandwiched between light and airy intros and outros, a handful of grunge singles like ‘Lipstick on the Glass’, ‘Smile’ and ‘Play the Greatest Hits’ see Wolf Alice remind their audience of their roots, paying homage to early releases like ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’. My personal favourite, ‘Feeling Myself’, can be found in the middle of the record, and provides every element we expect from Wolf Alice with gorgeous soft vocals over a thudding beat in an almost reggae-style rhythm.

Lyrics like, “My love doesn’t take any shape”, and, “This love for free”, reveal the openness of the band’s experiences and emotions. Closing track ‘The Beach II’ represents a deliberate repetition of the opening – and not just in the name. The track starts with a slow guitar riff before we hear Ellie sing, “Sip on wine from a plastic cup”, followed later by simply, “It’s okay”, leaving the listener feeling relaxed and reassured – something that most contemporary albums do the opposite of.

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