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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.


Filmreel Words of Love

The beauty of Leonard Cohen's words is superbly captured in the documentary.

Live / stage review Foundations Festival

"OMG, she has the same nipple tassels as me." That's not a phrase you will come across in the supermarket. The fact it didn’t cause a stir…

Dazzley Badger A Walk On The Bright Side

Velvet Badger co-founder Simon Prato-Scarlett took the time to answer our questions about the collaboration with Dazzley, the new venue and ‘concentrated Vimto’.

Allysha Joy Across Sonic Worlds

The Manchester newcomer took the time to answer our questions before back-to-back gigs in the city this month.

Honeyfeet A Northern Musical Powerhouse

Honeyfeet’s steps along the musical road have been more marathon than sprint. That Orange Whip, due for release on 30 March, is only the…

Ivan Campo Top of the League

Percussionist, pianist and all-round music man Benjamin Atha tells us more about the world of Ivan Campo.

Akala Knowledge is Power

Always one to tackle a question head on, Akala took time out to discuss his new album, grime’s resurgence and politics in hip hop.

Now Then. Issue 2.

Read the online version of our second print issue, which was published back in 2012.