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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.


Tim Etchells Endland

Endland is the latest release from Sheffield-based publisher And Other Stories. Tim Etchells is better known as the artistic director of…

Chuck Palahniuk Adjustment Day

Chuck Palahniuk ramraided the late-90s lit scene with an uncompromising mix of Swiftian satire, Burroughsian surrealism and enough…

Willy Vlautin Don't Skip Out On Me

Best known for fronting alternative country rockers Richmond Fontaine, Willy Vlautin has also penned a handful of essential novels…

Amy Dempsey Surrealism

A movement founded in 1924 by Andre Breton, the Surrealists strived to replace rational logic with a more visionary form of expression.…

John Gray Seven Types of Atheism

Anyone who has followed the work of John Gray over the past two decades could be forgiven for believing him to be endowed with the gift of…


Curated by Elizabeth Gibson.

Hello from Liz! Happy New Year!
I hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable time over the festive season, and that this year will be a good one.