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Cosmosis The Third

It started life in 2014 as a small DIY psych scene event co-created by the local club promoters Remake Remodel and live music agents and label, Interstellar Overdrive. Now in its third year, Cosmosis Festival returns with a line-up that would make more established events turn green in a fit of envious rage. Making a giant leap from a 600-capacity shindig held at Antwerp Mansion to the giant, 6,000-capacity space of Victoria Warehouse, Cosmosis has seemingly achieved the near-impossible feat of booking a unique bill packed to the gills with iconic names and alternative emerging talent.

To accommodate this seismic shift in size, the festival has expanded its musical range to include names outside of the psych spectrum, bringing artists like Nottingham’s raging grit-hop agitators Sleaford Mods, Texan shoegaze drone noiseniks Ringo Deathstarr and post-punk legends Wire. Those of a more psych persuasion won’t be disappointed by the inclusion of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Of Montreal and the familiar Cosmosis faces of Purple Heart Parade and Brahma-Loka.

And did I mention a little Scottish band called The Jesus and Mary Chain? More than 30 years since the release of their classic album, Psychocandy, JAMC will be casting their dark, hypnotic, fuzz-drenched spells in Victoria Warehouse. Danish garage psych legends The Raveonettes and American black metal heads Deafheaven will be amongst other luminaries gracing the stage of Cosmosis #3.

Speaking to Now Then, the Cosmosis co-founder Greg Dwyer said: “For me, it’s been three years in the making and this will be the end result. It’s almost ten times bigger. It’s a huge jump and it’s exactly where we’ve always wanted to be.

“We’re independent promoters that rely on our income, not sponsorship or any other form of financial assistance. We rely very much on what we do: the club nights, the gigs that we promote give us a platform to do something on this scale. Everyone working this festival is doing it because they love it and everyone who’s playing it is doing it for the same reasons.”

In addition to the lush music line-up, expect to see stage interviews with artists and a much-expanded arts programme covering all five stages. According to festival organisers, this year’s edition of Cosmosis is attracting weekend visitors from other parts of the UK as well as many international festival goers, with tickets selling fast across Europe.

Cosmosis Festival 2016

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