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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Ian Pennington EDIT

Ian project managed the launch of the Manchester print edition of Now Then back in 2012, and continues to volunteer with Opus projects, including editing the Now Then Manchester website. Ian has since pursued a career in planning, and also volunteers with active travel campaigning groups.

Hike for Our Right to Roam

90 years to the day from the infamous Kinder mass trespass widely credited with furthering the Right to Roam movement, our group retraced the route.

Matthew Halsall Open to All Possibilities

The acclaimed jazz trumpeter and Gondwana Records label founder answers our questions about COVID gigs, scouting for musicians, and mental health and wellbeing.

A Design for Degrowth

The authors of a new zine, 'Degrowth in Manchester', told Now Then about their motivations and inspirations.

Live / stage review Henge

A healthy crowd turned out for the latest landing of Henge in Manchester. Unlike the War of the Worlds, which is currently undergoing yet…

Liam Woodruff Brave New World

Graphic designer and illustrator Liam Woodruff’s portfolio is bulging with twisted pop culture references framed in strikingly colourful cartoon surrealism.

Flying the Flag

In advance of his Flag of Convenience photo exhibition, David Dunnico tells us about flag-waving, patriotic postcards and his travels in search of subject matter.

SFTOC 2019: Two Paths Through The Salford Festival

Like a star that has exploded and shed stardust, in this case across Salford’s Chapel Street corridor over 15 years, Sounds From The Other City took the decision to contract into a dense, pulsar-like object that still spews out light and life.

Filmreel Backlot

Manchester's budding filmmaking talents shared the fruits of their labour at The Yard on 5 April.

Moving Greater Manchester

Much has been said about Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham’s perceived “cop out” over the Clean Air Plan published at the end of…

Legion On Creativity and Truth

Legion, the Mothership Connection rapper whose birth certificate says Charles Palmer, has been a feature of the dystopian underbelly of…

Doron Segal The Addition of Strangeness

Doron Segal’s introduction to piano through classical teachings in his native Israel laid the foundations for a love of the instrument that…

Un-Convention at 100: Still Doing It Together

Un-Convention was created for independent labels, musicians, promoters and innovators to share ideas. We spoke to co-founder Jeff Thompson as the event nears its 100th edition.

Localcheck Time For Safer Streets

Over the past 60 years or more, our streets have become increasingly dangerous for people. The roads’ dictators are those armoured…

Aver Dressed For CCTV

Wearing an armful of sci-fi literature and crate-dug obscure jazz on his sleeve, Joe Mills, aka Aver, first gained creative renown from his…

Localcheck Have Your Say

‘Tis the season for consultation and we’ve pulled out a few to highlight. The big one arrives courtesy of TfGM and will feed into a City…