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The Manchester edition of Now Then is no longer publishing content. Visit the Sheffield edition.

Lucas Jones

Localcheck On the Back-Burnham

Assessing the Mayor's merits four years on, we look at homelessness, air quality and a run as 'King of the North'

Localcheck Election Autopsy

In the Local Elections, as predicted, Labour and the Conservatives both saw large vote losses across Greater Manchester. However, the end…

Local Elections

The stage set for further political upheavals.

Localcheck Emmaus And The Post-War Spirit

As the homelessness crisis deepens every year, Emmaus is bringing post-war spirit to prevent people from falling into such a desperate situation.

Shell Setting The Agenda

The irony of Shell sponsoring a celebratory event around power generation, and what this says about attitudes to climate change in the UK…

Strange Bedfellows

Lucas Jones looks at the intertwined worlds of creativity and insomnia through our sleeping patterns and habits.